Espressif is one of the partners of  Google Cloud IoT platform

On February 26, 2019, Google announced the launch of a new SDK for Cloud IoT devices, where Espressif was included as one of its partners.


Espressif Systems Became a Leader in the MCU Embedded Wi-Fi Chip Market Sector

An analysis report  from TSR, a major marketing research company located in Japan, says that in 2017 Espressif Systems became a leader in the MCU Embedded Wi-Fi chip market sector. 


Espressif Opens a New Branch in the Czech Republic

Espressif opens a new branch in Brno, Czech Republic, to upgrade its customer services for the European market.

Espressif's Products Support a Number of Industry-Leading IoT Platforms

These include: Baidu DuerOS, Huawei HiLink, Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, Xiaomi, Alibaba, JD.com Joylink, etc.


Espressif Opens a New Branch in Hefei, China

Espressif’s cycle of business increases further, including a new R&D center in a city that plays an important role in scientific research in China.


Espressif Opens a New Branch in Suzhou, China

Espressif expands its presence in mainland China with new offices in a city with the second largest manufacturing sector in the country.


“China Appliance Award”

Espressif's ESP8266 Wi-Fi SoC receives the 2016 China Appliance Award from the "China Household Electrical Appliances Association".


Espressif Wins the Title of "High Technology Enterprise" by the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People's Republic of China


Espressif Receives the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System Certification (Certificate No.: CN15/20515)


Espressif Opens a New Branch in Wuxi, China

The company opens its first R&D office in mainland China, in a city with extensive manufacturing output and industrial parks devoted to new technologies.


Espressif Systems Founded

Espressif Systems' headquarters are inaugurated in Shanghai, China, at ZhangJiang Hi-Tech Park.